“FocusPoint enabled an e‑commerce transformation that integrated our B2B, B2C, and D2C sites onto a single platform to create webstore order-taking machines across all of the Torsion Group’s business units.”

– Marc Calcaterra, President, Torsion Group


Located in Strongsville, Ohio, the Torsion Group Corp. is a value-added manufacturer and distributor of commercial and residential garage door parts and accessories. As a leading member of the wholesale sector industry, Torsion has hands in both B2B and B2C commerce and is known for being a one-stop-shop for a wide range of products, utilizing strategically placed distribution centers across the country to provide outstanding service to their customers.

In 2008, as the company grew, the Torsion Group began working with SAP Business One in order to have the resources necessary to address their national footprint, CRM needs and the infrastructure they would need for future growth.  And grow they did.  In just three years, Torsion added three new distribution sites and three new manufacturing companies, Action Industries, North Shore Commercial Door and Torsion Plastics, to their enterprise, adding to their operational complexity.


With the above acquisitions came a host of growth and integration pains, not the least of which was an exacerbated need for a singular e-commerce solution that could integrate with their SAP Business One system, which was being adopted across the company.

  1. Manage the large number of SKUs
  2. Process high order volume and intake
  3. Aggregate all business processes and order management protocols on a single, easy to use platform


FocusPoint® was precisely the solution for Torsion. FocusPoint® was able to provide a fast implementation with no connectors, offer a deep integration, leverage all of Torsion’s existing SAP Business One logic, and even offer B2B and B2C commerce on a single platform.

Before their FocusPoint® Integration, Torsion’s orders were checked and manually uploaded into SAP, manually invoiced and held until receipt of payment, unpaid orders had to be identified and cancelled, and purchasing, inventory, and finances were all on separate systems. With the FocusPoint® integration, orders automatically flow into SAP Business One, invoices and incoming payments are automatically created, all orders are paid before entering the system, and there is finally one central location for all business operations.


The integration with FocusPoint led to simplified business processes, impeccable communications and explosive growth for the Torsion Group.  And, today, Torsion is no longer overwhelmed by their growth, while seeing measurable increases in cross-selling, a cross-pollination of B2B and B2C and the enabling of the Action Industries website, instead of an online catalogue.  All of these successes were achieved as a result of FocusPoint taking the pain out of the e-commerce function by automating processes, improving communication and allowing real-time visibility into both orders and existing inventory.  And, by FocusPoint helping to solve these problems, Torsion is now able to focus on and improve the lives and experiences of customers and employees, alike.

Brought to you by the B2B and B2c e-commerce implementation team at FocusPoint: an all-in-one solution for SAP Business One customers.

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