SAP Business One Industry Solutions

A pre-integrated, configurable SAP Business One ecommerce solution for agriculture businesses

Bring all your SAP business processes to life instantly for your customers. The fastest and most user-friendly SAP ecommerce system in the market today.

Why should agriculture businesses choose FocusPoint?

FocusPoint makes it easy to delivery all forms of Agriculture services to your customers. From Wholesale Food Delivery, scheduling pickups, transparency on availability of products and intelligent delivery models. Everything from Farming, General Foods, Dairy, Tools, Hay, Wheat, Grain, Lumber, Fertilizer – and more.

Designed and built specifically for SAP Business One

FocusPoint allows you to enable all Customer focused Workflows to life to enable your eCommerce to be your branded selling machine.

  • Fully integrated with all native and custom fields in SAP B1, 100% configurable solution
  • No need to learn a new backend, entire site is managed out of SAP B1 – no developer required
  • All in one package – no 3rd party or transaction fees – SAP Upgrade Friendly
  • 24/7/365 Supported

FocusPoint is trusted by agriculture businesses like yours

For 100KM Foods, FocusPoint provided the following solutions:

  • Multiple units of measure (Loose, Bundle, Pallets)
  • Square foot calculator
  • Calculates splitting fees when a UOM has to be broken for quantity
  • Auto calculate setup fees for products
  • Smart product pairing (can’t ship soil with rocks – requires 2 trucks)

Integrated ecommerce solutions designed to meet your industry needs

See how an integrated ecommerce with FocusPoint can help organizations address unique challenges across any industry.

Food & Beverage
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

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