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As a FocusPoint global partner, our expertly-trained team is standing by thinking of new ways to best suit your business needs. That’s why we’re dedicated to help you find the solution that’s best for your business and get off to a successful start. And after launch, we’re here to support you along the way, 24/7, with SAP experts who understand your business.

Questions & Answers

More questions about FocusPoint? We’ve got answers.

What’s the first step?2021-01-09T05:03:45+00:00

To get started simply use our ‘Speak to an Expert’ feature at the top of our website homepage. From there one of our specialists will walk you through the simple steps necessary to make FocusPoint your e-commerce solution.

How does the FocusPoint team support me during and after the integration? Is it easy to learn?2021-01-09T05:04:40+00:00

The FocusPoint team is by your side before, during, and after your integration. Our human factor is one of the many things that sets us apart and we pride ourselves on our hands-on customer support model. With FocusPoint no custom coding is required. In addition to our individualized support, we have a full resource center, self-service portals, and a customer support page.. We fully recognize that your success is our success and that belief underpins our commitment to you.

What kind of refined searches does FocusPoint offer?2021-01-09T05:07:04+00:00

We have a wide range of refined searches available depending upon the package you choose. FocusPoint features centralized configuration, replication, recovery, and so much more. The best part is FocusPoint offers AI that can learn the behavior of your customer for a more tailored user experience. This user experience can often increase sales.

Can I retain my domain name if I go with FocusPoint?2021-01-09T05:09:41+00:00

Yes, you can retain your domain name with FocusPoint! In addition, you will not lose any of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Which technologies were used to build FocusPoint?2021-05-24T23:58:56+00:00

MS .NET Core is the base technology for FocusPoint with the presentation layer in HTML 5/jQuery, and CSS.

How is FocusPoint hosted? Are options available for additional hosting?2021-05-24T23:59:18+00:00

FocusPoint is hosted in multiple Microsoft Azure Data Centers around the world and is guaranteed a 99.9% or greater uptime per the Standard Microsoft Azure SLA.
Options are available for additional hosting and performance. Microsoft Azure can scale as much as needed and FocusPoint can provide web node add-ons which support true concurrent users. FocusPoint’s reliable and robust technology provides unwavering performance to scale-up as needed.

How often is site security updated?2021-05-25T00:00:31+00:00

FocusPoint follows the latest MS.NET Core MVC approach with continuous adherence to OWASP guidelines. Patching is done regularly even at the OS level as an App Service in Azure.

What’s the average implementation time for FocusPoint?2021-09-16T19:27:47+00:00

FocusPoint has the fastest implementation time with SAP Business One on the market. On average implementations take about four to eight weeks.

How much server storage comes with the FocusPoint platform?2021-05-25T00:01:46+00:00

Server storage depends on your FocusPoint Package. Package storage ranges from 50 GB – 250+ GB

Are there available options for added functionality?2021-05-25T00:04:07+00:00

Additional functionality beyond what is already delivered in FocusPoint is rarely needed. The FocusPoint modular architecture does, however, allow for added functionality via extensions, which requires the expertise of a .NET developer and web designer. View our Packages for more information.

How is media integrated and which players are used?2021-05-25T00:04:45+00:00

FocusPoint supports native HTML 5 video and popular players such as Brightcove, YouTube, Vemo, and Wistia.

What types of language and currency support does FocusPoint offer?2021-01-09T05:08:22+00:00

FocusPoint supports every single language and all currencies featured in SAP Business One.

Tell me about taxes and shipping rates2021-01-09T05:17:43+00:00

All taxes in FocusPoint are calculated based on the rules you have set within your Business One system. FocusPoint can include B2B tax exemption codes and B2C tax with guest check-outs. Standard or complex shipping algorithms are supported by FocusPoint.

How many webstores can I have?2021-05-25T00:05:51+00:00

FocusPoint Packages offer the following webstore options:

SAP B1: Single B2B customer portal

Commerce: One webstore with multiple microsites

Commerce Plus: Up to 5 webstores

Professional: Up to 25 webstores with additional stores available as add-ons

What makes FocusPoint e-commerce different from other platforms2021-05-25T00:06:13+00:00

FocusPoint only integrates with SAP Business One and handles all main objects. Our configurable integrations handle any User Defined Object and User Defined Field – enabling implementations that take days vs. months. Complex work flows and internal processes are all enabled by FocusPoint and it does not require any additional integrations.

What type of webstore metrics come with FocusPoint?2021-05-25T00:06:34+00:00

Metrics and analytics are done through Google Analytics. Premium analytics options are available and are enabled by Power BI.

What are the available types of templates and editing capabilities?2021-05-25T00:07:56+00:00

FocusPoint is inherently flexible, allowing you to create your own HTML-compliant template as well as standard JQUERY and CSS 3 as needed. The platform also features a range of capabilities that supports:

  • Creating a new page and editing design without a template
  • Creating a new page with a template
  • Editing an existing page
  • Changing the template on an existing page
Does FocusPoint offer automated customer communication? Can I trigger a customer call to action?2021-05-25T00:08:56+00:00

We have an endless amount of message templates available that can be triggered by customer activities such as placing an order. This is powered by our global Work Flow engine. FocusPoint supports ALL types of discounts with our Boolean Logic discount calculator.

Pop-ups for things such as email signup, discounts, newsletters, as well as ribbons, banners, surveys, etc. are supported by FocusPoint.

Are there any built-in integrations to third-party sales, social, and marketing channels?2021-05-25T00:09:15+00:00

FocusPoint comes with integrations to leading sales and CRM channels such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google Shopping, Instagram, SAP, and Salesforce. It integrates with all social platforms as well as marketing platforms including Constant Contact, HubSpot, and MailChimp.

Are A/B testing capabilities available?2021-05-25T00:09:43+00:00

FocusPoint offers preview options that work against security roles, which provides an excellent way to track which experience works better.

Does FocusPoint offer SEO services?2021-05-25T00:10:10+00:00

FocusPoint offers a number of SEO tools to help increase your site’s ranking such as:

  • Product pages with SEO-friendly names out-of-the-box
  • XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Microdata integrated into your websites code
  • Localized URLs
  • Breadcrumbs for easy navigation within search engines
  • Google Analytics integration
Which versions of SAP does FocusPoint support?2021-05-24T23:28:22+00:00

FocusPoint supports all versions of SAP Business One 9.1 and up, HANA, and MS SQL.

Do we create and manage each item on the site – OR – do we turn them on/off in SAP?2021-05-24T23:30:18+00:00

SAP is the data source. Products are turned on/off from SAP if they should be web enabled.

I have a lot of customizations in my SAP environment, will I be able to use these with FocusPoint eCommerce?2021-05-24T23:33:33+00:00

FocusPoint maps to any of your User Defined Objects and User Defined Fields in SAP.

What happens when SAP is offline? Is FocusPoint still available?2021-05-24T23:48:07+00:00

In the event that SAP is offline, orders can still be placed and processed on FocusPoint where they are held until SAP is online again. With data centers around the world, you can always rely on FocusPoint availability.

How do SAP upgrades work?2021-05-24T23:49:32+00:00

FocusPoint uses native SAP tools and automatically upgrades to SAP Business One. You never have to plan an eCommerce upgrade or worry about support.

If a customer cancels orders or makes updates in SAP, will those changes automatically display in FocusPoint?2021-05-24T23:49:53+00:00

Yes, updates and changes in SAP are automatically reflected in your FocusPoint customer portal (real-time SAP dashboard).

How are custom reports created from B2B sites for specific customers? Do we create them in SAP HANA SQL queries and upload that code? Or are they built directly on the site in another language?2021-05-24T23:51:09+00:00

You have multiple options to create custom reports:

  1. A simple tabular-style report is supported in our Customer Portal.
  2. If you have multiple sites, you are automatically running our Professional Package in which the Azure PowerBI platform is integrated. PowerBI enables both operational and analytical reporting and predictive analytics.
  3. Crystal Reports is supported for PDF extraction from SAP (the most common reporting method)
How do we set up a process for approving sales orders prior to appearing in the pick-and-pack manager?2021-05-24T23:55:51+00:00

Two workflows can be used:

  1. FocusPoint has an Order Approval process, which can be set up so that any orders purchased via Terms/Purchase Orders, or an order over X amount has to be approved by a FocusPoint manager before the order is sent to SAP.
  2. FocusPoint Order Approval can be turned off to use native SAP. Orders can be placed into SAP as unapproved and respective internal business processes can be used to validate/approve the sales order in SAP.
Which payment gateways do you support?2021-05-25T00:06:56+00:00

Your FocusPoint webstore accepts all major credit and debit cards, which integrates with more than 50 payment methods and gateways including Amazon, Authorize.NET, Moneris, PayPal, Stripe, Square, and WorldPay. We are continually adding payment processors to our list of supported vendors, providing an API is available.

How is credit card information stored?2021-05-25T00:07:16+00:00

FocusPoint is PCI compliant. Credit card information is not stored or retained.

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