SAP Business One Industry Solutions

A pre-integrated, configurable SAP Business One ecommerce solution for automotive businesses

Bring all your SAP business processes to life instantly for your customers. The fastest and most user-friendly SAP ecommerce system in the market today.

Why should automotive businesses choose FocusPoint?

FocusPoint allows the organization and collection of “all things” automotive for your customers. Everything from parts ordering to finding older parts that have new suppliers and new model numbers made easy. Diagram based ordering for the consumer, to intuitive order grids for dealerships, our pre-packaged solution has everything you need.

Designed and built specifically for SAP Business One

FocusPoint allows you to enable all Customer focused Workflows to life to enable your eCommerce to be your branded selling machine.

  • Fully integrated with all native and custom fields in SAP B1, 100% configurable solution
  • No need to learn a new backend, entire site is managed out of SAP B1 – no developer required
  • All in one package – no 3rd party or transaction fees – SAP Upgrade Friendly
  • 24/7/365 Supported

FocusPoint is trusted by manufacturing businesses like yours

For NAPC, FocusPoint provided the following solutions:

  • Customer allows searching for parts all the way back to 1986 for all major vehicle brands
  • Product succession (what newer parts are compatible with older parts)
  • Product availability including custom build options
  • Product add-ons and variations including deposits

Integrated ecommerce solutions designed to meet your industry needs

See how an integrated ecommerce with FocusPoint can help organizations address unique challenges across any industry.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

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