The Fastest Growing E-Commerce Solution for SAP Business One on the Market

Focused Impressions

Focused Impressions was founded to provide SAP Business One customers globally with a fully integrated and adaptable e-commerce platform enabling them to grow their business. We built FocusPoint®- the first certified B2B/B2C/D2C e-commerce and marketing solution exclusively for SAP Business One®.

Self-service Portals and Webstores

Tight integration to SAP Business One enables setup of customer and self-service portals and webstores in just minutes vs. the days it takes with other solutions. Plus – you can setup as many webstores and microsites as you need at no additional cost.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure

You can rely on built-in security controls and intrusion detection to protect against threats.

Selected by SAP for the Cloud Industry Package

FocusPoint is an affordable, single platform for B2B/B2C/D2C e-commerce and marketing with multichannel capabilities that’s easy to use.

Eliminate E-Commerce Upgrades

Using SAP integration tools to SAP Business One ensures fast implementations and automatic updates to the latest version of SAP Business One.

Out-of-the-box Performance

No custom coding required for managing the complete e-commerce life-cycle including marketing, analytics, social media, third-party logistics, and warehousing.

100% Support

FocusPoint supports all versions of SAP Business One 9.1 and up, HANA, and MS SQL.

Fully Integrated Point-of-Sale

All data in SAP Business One — pricing, inventory, and SKUs — instantly feed into a POS system.

Social Media Integration

FocusPoint gives your sales and marketing programs an added lift. A simple post click extends marketing programs, product announcements, and all customer facing communications to a broader audience of buyers.

Bi-directional Connectivity with SAP Business One

Maps to any SAP field; includes 8 integration points with 60-plus objects and a self-service portal for immediate invoicing and payment from Order History to Open Invoice to Payment by credit card.

Bulk Order Processing, Localized Sales Tax & Shipping

Complete order fulfillment — scalable for peak traffic times.

Brought to you by the B2B and B2c e-commerce implementation team at FocusPoint: an all-in-one solution for SAP Business One customers