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FocusPoint was awarded the
2023 SAP Business One North American ISV Partner of the Year.
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Pre-integrated, configurable SAP ecommerce industry solutions that eliminate the time and cost of integration. FocusPoint is both implemented and supported by certified SAP Business One consultants and fully accountable to supporting your ecommerce business requirements.

A few of the hundreds of companies representing 12+ industries powered by FocusPoint.
Big Rock Brewery
100km foods
staub electronics

H2 leverages FocusPoint for a cutting-edge B2B cycling retail experience

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See what FocusPoint can do for your business.

FocusPoint empowers sales teams and customers by providing a seamless, intuitive eCommerce experience. Leveraging real-time data from SAP Business One, it ensures that users have access to accurate inventory, pricing, and product information, enabling informed decision-making and enhancing customer satisfaction.
By integrating with SAP Business One, FocusPoint enables businesses to expand their online presence across multiple channels effortlessly. This diversification helps in capturing wider market segments, ensuring that businesses can reach their target customers wherever they are, driving brand awareness and market share growth.
FocusPoint boosts sales by optimizing the eCommerce journey, from product discovery to checkout. With features like personalized product recommendations and streamlined checkout processes, it enhances the shopping experience, encouraging repeat purchases and increasing conversion rates.
FocusPoint streamlines operations by automating key business processes, from order processing to inventory management. This integration with SAP Business One reduces manual workloads, minimizes errors, and speeds up transaction times, allowing businesses to focus on growth and customer service.
With FocusPoint, businesses can enhance their profitability through efficient inventory management, reduced operational costs, and improved customer engagement strategies. By providing detailed analytics and insights, it helps identify areas for cost reduction and revenue optimization, ensuring a healthier bottom line.
FocusPoint offers mobile-responsive design and functionality, ensuring businesses and their customers can access the platform from any device, anywhere. This mobility enhances user engagement, improves customer service, and ensures sales opportunities are never missed, regardless of location.

We grow your business,
not your costs.

FocusPoint is the best ecommerce solution, at the best price, in the world. So you not only make more, but keep more.

The FocusPoint® Difference

FocusPoint is the ecommerce platform of choice for SAP Business One’s largest global customers. Why? Because they understand the value of a scalable, secure, and reliable platform without limits that they can trust with the growth of their business. FocusPoint was built to handle multiple SAP databases and web stores and enrich SAP Business One functionality for customer engagement.

Awesome solution from a top-tier SAP Business One partner. As more companies realize that an ecommerce presence is increasingly a must-have, the time to take a look at and incorporate a solution like this is NOW.

— Michael Cardi, SAP, Business One Solution Expert

F&M Mafco’s Partnership with FocusPoint

We’re proud of our partnership with FocusPoint® in development of a great B2B ecommerce solution for our customers that will drive real value and supply chain efficiency.

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At FocusPoint, we’ve trained real people to become experts at understanding your business, people who will continually support you on your ecommerce journey.